Nonlinear cinema _  honours degree project
    Ethia _ fictional web extension
    Watched films _ data visualisation
    Sound of Sea _ 3D animation
    Abstract Mazes _ user interactive piece
    Hikekorea _ book cover design
    Alex Steinweiss _ augmented reality app
    pour Mediapart _ coded simulation
    Crater _ immersive 3D environment



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© Nomi Lefort 2021

Abstract Mazes

︎User interactive piece
︎Printed edition and generated mazes on screen affected by the user’s gaze
︎Adobe InDesign, print (118.34x9.05cm), Processing sketch, Tobii eye tracker, monitor

Inspired by earlier video games like Adventure, I was interested in imagining space in an object.
This object would be treated as a body of information: any narrative could be projected onto it and the viewer would have complete agency in their exploration.

After researching Open Processing and 10 print, I coded some mazes of my own, changed their randomness to make them more abstract. From these mazes, I designed an edition which could be read in a non-linear way, expand, and condense. It embodied my research around non-linearity, space and object.
After obtaining feedback from user testing, I wrote a Processing sketch using the eye tracker.

The final piece is an ever-changing understanding of non-linear narrative potentials of a space (here, a complex network of paths).

February 2020