Nonlinear cinema _  honours degree project
    Ethia _ fictional web extension
    Watched films _ data visualisation
    Sound of Sea _ 3D animation
    Abstract Mazes _ user interactive piece
    Hikekorea _ book cover design
    Alex Steinweiss _ augmented reality app
    pour Mediapart _ coded simulation
    Crater _ immersive 3D environment



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© Nomi Lefort 2021

Sound of Sea

︎Short film (1min), 1920x1080px
︎Compositing a compilation of movie clips, 3D animations and public domain footage
︎Autodesk Maya, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition

On Wednesday April 3rd 2019, Sea Shepherd France launched an effective campaign, to transmit a signal to humans. The signal was a compilation of agonising cries from 30 different species of the ocean.

Inspired by the sound clips, I extracted and built a narrative around them. The viewer dives into the ocean, watches and listens to humankind’s impact on the underwater environment.
The video addresses the abuses suffered by the ocean: pollution of sound, space, toxicity and mass consumption.

Sound of Sea is an S.O.S, a cry from the bottom of the ocean, an attempt at asking humans to react and actively change.

May 2019