Nonlinear cinema _  honours degree project
    Ethia _ fictional web extension
    Watched films _ data visualisation
    Sound of Sea _ 3D animation
    Abstract Mazes _ user interactive piece
    Hikekorea _ book cover design
    Alex Steinweiss _ augmented reality app
    pour Mediapart _ coded simulation
    Crater _ immersive 3D environment



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pour Mediapart

︎Generative piece _ Creative coding sketch
︎Simulation with vectors and noise function using an Object Oriented Programming methodology
︎Processing sketch

In a context of extreme police violence, of political corruption and of the vulnerability of freedom of press, it was unbearable not to react to my country's political climate from abroad.

Mediapart, the French independent newspaper which gathered all the abuse done during the Yellow Vests protests, revealed all of Benalla’s crimes and incriminated the Presidency itself, was threatened to suffer from a raid inside its headquarters on February 4th 2019.

By illegally orchestrating this raid inside Mediapart’s headquarters, the executive power was trying to get to its sources and therefore abused the constitution itself. France has previously been condemned by the European courts of human rights for directly threatening the confidentiality of journalists’ sources, which as a result directly challenged freedom of press and therefore the democracy itself.

February 2019