Nonlinear cinema _  honours degree project
    Ethia _ fictional web extension
    Watched films _ data visualisation
    Sound of Sea _ 3D animation
    Abstract Mazes _ user interactive piece
    Hikekorea _ book cover design
    Alex Steinweiss _ augmented reality app
    pour Mediapart _ coded simulation
    Crater _ immersive 3D environment



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Alex Steinweiss

︎ Android Augmented Reality application
︎ 6 animated album covers, use of a mixed reality application
︎Vuforia and Unity 3D

Book: For the Record: The Life and Work of Alex Steinweiss by Jennifer McKnight-Trontz (2000)

Holding the tablet while turning the book's pages is an intentional struggle: I wanted the physical graphical object to take as much space as the virtual one.
The AR camera triggers sound samples from the albums as well as 3D animated models. They aim to highlight Alex Steinweiss's beautiful graphic design and encourage the user to pay greater attention to the details of the original artworks. He was the first to ever design album covers in the 1930s and it forever influenced the music industry.

This piece situates itself between the revival of the vinyl as a physical musical object and forgotten artworks: classical musical pieces as well as the loss of album art design in its original form.

April 2019